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Grand Opening! All classes held at 461 Foothill

Starting June 21, all class will be held at the new location located next to Trader Joes in La Canada.

Come take class at our wonderful new yoga hideout!
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What is Bikram Yoga

    Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 Hatha Yoga postures and two breathing exercises designed to provide immense health benefits. Hatha Yoga is physical yoga, this 90-minute class is an exercise for the entire body.

    Through stretching and compressing areas of the body, the postures bring immense change in circulation and create suppleness in the body. The mind calms and stress is reduced through the concentration on the physical body while maintaining proper breath.

    Unlimited Health Benefits

    Unlimited Health Benefits

    From a regular practice of five times a week

    • Manages pain from musculoskeletal problems (i.e. back, knee, shoulders)
    • Reverses repetitive motion injuries
    • Improves strength and flexibility through physical “therapy”
    • Increases blood circulation
    • Lessens the symptoms of many chronic diseases (i.e. arthritis, diabetes and thyroid disorders)
    • Boosts the immune system through compression of glands and increased core temperature
    • Improves sleep patterns
    • Strengthens core muscles improving balance
    • Promotes relaxation through stress reduction

    Teachers are very personal and attentive. It's like working with a personal trainer and a mentor all together.quote


    I feel great after classes. I have a log more enegy when I do Bikram yoga.quote


Welcome to your new yoga home

We are so glad you made the decision to heal your body and change your life! Come as often as you can during your Intro Week. We recommend you take class 5 times per week to receive maximum benefits. Be prepared to work hard and sweat

Although you want an empty stomach for class, you can eat 1/2 a piece of fruit an hour before class. Prepare for every class by drinking enough water before class begins.

New students mus arrive 15 minutes early to register. Wear light clothing (men: jogging shorts,t-shirts optional, women: shorts, leggings and tank top)

We have a special offer during your intro week:

  • Get two weeks of unlimited package for $40
  • 20% off first package if bought DURING the two week of the intro period

Postures or Asanas

Learn more about the asanas!

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